Wholesale T-shirts

Wholesale T-shirts

T-Shirt Egypt is happy to work closely with t-shirts wholesalers and importers.

A wholesale order is defined as a minimum of 48 T-shirts, these can be in the same color or in different colors, with each order having at least 8 t-shirts of the same size and color, because our t-shirts are made to order, we are able to really keep the prices low as such, we can give you a good savings margin for a t-shirts wholesale order.

We have certain items that tend to be very popular, those we keep in stock as this allows us to offer you a fast and efficient service, and we serve both big and small clients looking for wholesale purchases.

We ship to the United States as well as other parts of the world with ease.  In addition, if you would prefer, we are also able to arrange for your delivery to be made to an airport that is closest to you.  In some instances, a seaport may be closer, we are happy to deliver there as well.

Deliveries can be made as quickly as the next day depending on whether or not they are in stock, we ask that a 100% deposit be made when placing the order,  where the orders are very large, a money transfer directly to our bank account works quite well.

It is important to note that in the case of t-shirts bulk orders the price will vary based on the cost of quota.

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