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Most people know that Egyptian cotton is considered superior to most another cotton but they have no idea why, Egyptian cotton is one of two cotton fabrics that are considered of the highest quality around the world, It is considered better than regular cotton for the following reasons:

  • Egyptian cotton comes from a different cotton plant than regular cotton, Cotton has to be grown within a given temperature range and with so much moisture in the atmosphere for it to be high quality,  Egyptian cotton is generally grown along the Nile River in very rich soil and a wonderfully moist atmosphere,  These conditions are just perfect for what is considered ELS, Extra long staples or fibers.

The optimal temperature for the growth of cotton is a range that is below 77◦F (25◦C).  When it goes about that, the cotton tends to dry out, become brittle and very hard,  It loses its elasticity.  In addition, if there is too much exposure to brightness or light the same thing happens.

  • The fibers of Egyptian cotton therefore and considerably longer than those of regular cotton. When these fibers are being spun into yarn, the fiber is uninterrupted meaning that splices are generally fewer.  The threads made from such fibers are stronger.  In addition, they tend to be finer making them softer than the regular cotton.
  • The second reason why it is a much more superior fabric is because it packs more threads into a square inch. Since the fibers are finer, you can have more threads in each square inch.  This makes the fabric very strong.  It can withstand wash after wash without wearing out and, therefore, tends to last much longer than fabrics made from regular cotton,  Its strength and durability is found in the thread count.
  • Finally, Egyptian cotton tends to be more porous than regular cotton. As such it easily absorbs moisture making the fabric “breathable”  This means it is a great fabric to wear during sports or when doing work that calls for physical exertion.

Now that you have a little more knowledge about what makes Egyptian cotton superior to regular cotton, you can be sure that purchasing our T-Shirts, made from this superior fabric is a definite plus.

In addition to the superior fabric, the colors will catch your eye as well since Egyptian cotton produces deeper, brighter colors.  With our superior stitching complementing the fabric and color, you can be sure that your product is above board.

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