Owner Letter

Owner Letter

Dear visitors,

We offer you imagination, a smell of ancientness combined with authorized fact: The magic of history and the glory of nature as it astonishingly happens to accrue both, only in the land of Pharaohs, Egypt.

T-shirt Egypt provides a unique opportunity to experience a true sense of refill and magic legendary atmosphere.

You’ll find much more than just T-shirt, for the Egyptian Cotton offers you the power of comfort and the fabulous pictures guarantee you a new look, so sure both exceptional comfort and magic appearance.

All these things make T-shirt Egypt a suitable base for wherever your dreams may take you.

We feed you passion to visit Egypt by putting it half inch close to your body, but above all this we promise you a high standard glance of Egypt now as represented in the wonderful manufacturing of Egyptian Cotton T-shirt.

Thanks for your visiting part of Egypt…T-shirt Egypt

Mohammed Reiad
Founder & Owner, T-shirt Egypt

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